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Welcome Prof. Liangnian He, Nankai University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Liangnian He, Nankai University, China

南开大学教授,博士生导师,英国皇家化学会Fellow(FRSC, 2011),楚天学者特聘教授。从事绿色化学、二氧化碳资源化利用与可再生碳基能源化学研究,在二氧化碳化学及可再生碳基能源化学领域取得了系列创新成果,编著了《二氧化碳化学》与《绿色化学基本原理》,推动了二氧化碳化学领域的发展。迄今发表研究论文280余篇,编写著作3部,英文书籍章节20余部 (ACS book series, John Wiley & Sons, Springer, Elsevier,CRC Press Taylor @ Francis)申请(获得)中外专利25项。曾获天津自然科学奖、军队科技进步奖。
Prof. Liang-Nian He obtained a doctorate in Chemistry in 1996 from Nankai University. He was an oversea student returning program (Ministry of Education of China) in 2004 having gotten AIST (National Institute of Advanced Science and Technology, Japan) fellowship 2002-2003, NEDO (New Energy Development Organization, Japan) fellowship 1999-2002. Currently, Dr He is a Professor of Chemistry at Nankai University, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (from 2011), “Chutian Scholarship” Distinguished Professor (from 2009), Bentham Ambassador (from 2016). More than 280 papers with h-index of 60 were published in peer-reviewed journals and 25 patents were granted. He has edited 20 books and chapters and delivered over 80 invited lectures at international conferences, universities and institutes.  
His current research interests cover green chemistry, catalysis, renewable carbon energy chemistry, and CO2 chemistry (CO2 activation and catalytic conversion into fuels/value-added chemicals; in situ transformation of CO2: combination of CO2 capture and subsequent conversion to chemicals and fuel-related products in a carbon neutral cycle, reductive functionalization of CO2), biomass conversion to valuable products as well as green technology related to desulfurization.