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Welcome Prof. Shilin Zhao, Central South University, China to be the TPC!

Prof. Shilin Zhao, Central South University, China

男,1992年生,工学博士,中南大学特聘教授。2019年9月获得东南大学动力工程及工程热物理专业博士,导师:段钰锋教授,博士期间赴加拿大University of Alberta联合培养一年,导师:Rajender Gupta教授。2019年12月入职中南大学,被聘为特聘教授,跟从孙志强教授团队。目前主要的研究方向是燃烧污染物(汞等重金属、NOx等)的迁移转化及脱除,CO2减排及转化,高效吸附/催化材料。主持、参与国家重点研发计划课题(子课题)、国家自然科学基金面上项目、国家自然科学基金青年科学基金项目等10余项纵向科研项目,以及多项企业、高校等横向科研项目。发表SCI论文20余篇,其中1篇发表在国际能源与燃烧科学领域顶级期刊Progress in Energy and Combustion Science,高被引论文1篇,4篇进入ESI 10%。担任国际著名学术期刊Chemical Engineering Journal, Journal of Hazardous Materials, Resources Conservation & Recycling, Energy & Fuels等审稿人、中南大学学报(自然科学版)首届青年编委会委员、湖南省仪器仪表学会六届理事会理事等。

Shilin Zhao was born in 1992, Doctor of Engineering, a Distinguished Professor of Central South University. In September 2019, he received a Ph.D. in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics from Southeast University (Supervisor: Professor Duan Yufeng). During the Ph.D. period, he went to the University of Alberta for joint training for one year. (Supervisor: Professor Rajender Gupta). Shilin Zhao joined the Central South University in December 2019 and was hired as a distinguished professor in the team of Professor Sun Zhiqiang. At present, his main research directions are the migration, transformation and removal of combustion pollutants (heavy metals such as mercury, NOx, etc.), CO2 emission reduction and conversion, and high-efficiency adsorption/catalysis materials. Shilin Zhao presided and participated in more than 10 vertical scientific research projects such as National Key Research and Development Program Projects (Sub-Projects), National Natural Science Fund General Projects, National Natural Science Fund Youth Science Fund Projects, and many horizontal scientific research projects from enterprise and colleges and universities. He has published more than 20 SCI papers, one of which was published in Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, which is one of the top journals in the field of energy and combustion science, also the one highly cited paper, and four of them entered ESI 10%. Shilin Zhao acted as a reviewer for the internationally renowned academic journals, such as Chemical Engineering Journal, Journal of Hazardous Materials, etc., a member of the first Youth Editorial Board of Journal of Central South University (Natural Science Edition), and a member of the sixth session of the Hunan Institute of Instrumentation Council members and so on.