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Welcome Engineer. JOYAL ISAC S, Saveetha Engineering College, India to be the TPC!

Engineer. JOYAL ISAC S, Saveetha Engineering College, India

In order to increase the voltage profile and to reduce power loss in the distribution system shunt capacitors are to be installed at suitable locations in a large distribution system. When we place the capacitors optimally we will get some benefits. Placing a capacitor in a Electrical distribution system involves various factors like maximizing energy and peak power loss reduction by installing a capacitor. Location of nodes where the capacitor should be placed is decided by fuzzy expert system by incorporating a set of rules into it, Candidate nodes should be found for capacitor placement using fuzzy system. The objective function includes cost of power loss, energy loss and capacitor banks.

My work focusses in the distribution system. Started with capacitor , then with filters and then to active filters and now I am working on multiconverter type custom power devices.