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Welcome Prof. Peigao Duan, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China to be one of the Invited Speakers!

Prof. Peigao Duan, Xi’an Jiaotong University, China

主持国家自然科学基金3项(青年基金1项,面上项目1项,联合基金1项)、教育部新世纪优秀人才支持计划1项、军委科技委项目1项、河南省杰出青年基金1项、河南省高校科技创新团队1项、河南省重点科技攻关1项。发表SCI论文107篇,总引频次2683次, H-index 26,ESI论文前1%2篇。授权发明专利10项。出版学术著作3部,教材2部。获河南省科技进步二等奖1项,河南省自然科学一等奖(学术论文奖)3项,河南省教育厅科学成果一等奖1项,焦作青年科技奖1项。现为省学术技术带头人、省特聘专家、省青年千人、I&ECR2019年度影响力学者、盐城市创新创业领军人才。

Duan Peigao, male, born in June 1979, from Lankao, Henan Province, Ph.D., is now a professor and doctoral supervisor of School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Xi'an Jiaotong University. He graduated from East China Normal University in 2009 and was a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Michigan in the United States (2008-2010). Since September 2004, he has been devoted to the research of thermal transformation of biomass model compounds and biomass. Efforts to innovate, pay attention to the combination of experimental research and practical application. Some innovative research achievements have been made in the aspects of hydrolysis and denitrification of nitrogen-containing model compounds, thermochemical transformation of biomass, modification and upgrading of bio-oil, and hydromodification and upgrading of biomass or bio-oil from waste oil.
He has presided over 3 National Natural Science Foundation of China (1 Youth Fund, 1 General Project and 1 Joint Fund), 1 New Century Excellent Talents Support Program of the Ministry of Education, 1 Science and Technology Commission Project of the Military Commission, 1 Outstanding Youth Fund of Henan Province, 1 Science and Technology Innovation Team of Colleges and Universities of Henan Province, and 1 Key Science and Technology Research Key Project of Henan Province. He has published 107 SCI papers, with a total citation frequency of 2683, H-Index 26, and 2 papers in the top 1% of ESI.10 authorized invention patents. He has published 3 academic works and 2 teaching materials. He has won 1 Second Prize of Science and Technology Progress of Henan Province, 3 First Prize of Natural Science of Henan Province (Academic Paper Award), 1 First Prize of Scientific Achievements of Henan Provincial Education Department, and 1 Science and Technology Award of Jiaozuo Youth. He is now the provincial academic and technical leader, the provincial special expert, the provincial thousand young people, the I&ECR2019 influential scholar, and the Yancheng innovation and entrepreneurship leading talent.