2022 7th International Workshop on Renewable Energy and Development (IWRED 2023)
IWRED 2022 Technical Program Committees


Prof. Qian Xu, Jiangsu University, China


徐谦,男,教授、博士生导师,2013年获香港科技大学博士学位,香港科技大学、加拿大University of Waterloo访问学者。现任江苏大学燃料电池研究所副所长,江苏大学能源研究院实验中心主任。主要从事微纳结构传热传质、燃料电池技术、液流电池技术的研究。先后入选江苏省“六大人才高峰”计划、“科学中国人”年度人物提名奖、江苏省工程热物理学会优秀科技工作者等奖励。近年来主持包括国家自然科学基金、省部级基金在内的项目10余项。以第一/通讯作者发表SCI/EI论文60余篇 ,其中IF大于10的5篇,被引用3100多次,H-index为26。先后有4篇论文入选ESI高被引论文。出版中英文专著/教材3部,撰写英文章节2章,申请发明专利23项(已授权6项)。担任国际SCI期刊Processes, International Journal of Green Energy编委会委员。

Dr. Qian Xu got his Ph.D from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in 2013. He worked as a Research Associate in HKUST and visiting scholar in University of Waterloo, Canada. Currently he is a Professor in Jiangsu University, and also serves as the Deputy Director of Institute for Fuel Cells. His researches focus on heat and mass transfer in micro-nano-structures, fuel cell and redox flow battery technologies. He is a recipient of “Jiangsu Six-Talent” Project and Excellent Youth Researcher of Jiangsu Thermophysics Society, as well as more than 10 research projects. As the first/corresponding author, he has published more than 60 peer-reviewed journal papers, with a citation of more than 3100 (H-index 26). Besides he has published 3 books in English or Chinese, 2 chapters, applied 23 patents with 6 issued. He is the editorial member for Processes and International Journal of Green Energy.