2022 7th International Workshop on Renewable Energy and Development (IWRED 2023)
IWRED 2022 Technical Program Committees


Dr. Zuming Liu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China


刘祖明,博士,上海交通大学智慧能源创新学院助理教授,博士生导师,主要聚焦可再生能源系统设计、过程模拟与优化、能源资源规划与调度、和机器学习领域研究。2019-2021年于新加坡国立大学从事博士后研究工作,2021年加入上海交通大学。刘祖明博士2019年从新加坡国立大学获得博士学位,2014年和2011年分别从天津大学和华北电力大学获得硕士和学士学位。已在Energy, Applied Energy, Energy Conversion and Management等著名能源领域期刊发表SCI论文15篇,获得FOCAPO-CPC 2017 Travel Award,现任Frontier of Energy Research期刊客座编辑。

Dr. Zuming Liu is an Assistant Professor in the College of Smart Energy at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His research interest includes sustainable energy system design, process simulation and optimization, planning and scheduling, and machine learning. He worked as a Research Fellow at National University of Singapore before joining Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He received his PhD degree from National University of Singapore in 2019 as well as Master and Bachelor degrees from Tianjin University in 2014 and North China Electric Power University in 2011, respectively. He has published more than 15 peer-reviewed papers in top-tier energy journals and was awarded with FOCAPO-CPC 2017 Travel Award. He currently holds Gust Editor of Frontier of Energy Research.